Principal Weekly Wrap Up

September 27, 2015

OAP Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students for the future.

Because we can...

Good evening bus riders. On Saturday my husband and I watched the movie Everest. The film is based on a true story about an adventure consultant group hired by thrill seekers to help them climb mountains, Everest being the hardest one of all. I learned quite a bit about Everest and the preparation needed before the top can be reached. For an example, in order to reach the top of Everest, you have to go through a grueling 40 day training which requires you to pitch a tent on designated levels of Everest. You have to go up and back down, go up further, then back down and repeat until the doctor clears you to complete the ultimate goal, being one of the few who can actually live to talk about it. That's right, you can actually die climbing Everest due to the thin air. The movie focused on three tour groups competing to reach the summit (top of the Everest) on May 10, 1996. Two of the teams decided to work together. They selected a leader, set norms and reviewed their objective, which was not to be the first to reach Everest, remember, that has already been accomplished. Their goal was just to complete the task. They shared their strengths and revealed their weaknesses in order to established what they could control and focused on tools/strategies needed to be successful. This is the 3rd principle of our book Deliberate Optimism. The movie was intense!! So intense, I caught myself relating to the leader of the group to the point that I got emotional. The climbers were asked "Why do you climb?" Their response? "Because we can." Are you on the bus? Rock on Peterson and Enjoy the remainder of your day, Your bus driver, Jofee' "Joy" Tremain. :)

Journal Writing- week 2

Deliberate Optimism: Can we model what we are asking of our students? Reflective thinking and capturing our thoughts on paper.

Please join me this week in reflecting on the following question:

What tools/strategies do you feel are being used effectively with students? How do you know?

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Friendly Reminder: Do you know a rock star when you see one? Who is stirring the pot of happiness at Peterson?

If you have observed someone on campus since the start of school exhibiting our mission statement and would like for them to receive Rock Star status during our next staff meeting, please email me by September 29, 2015. Feel free to nominate anyone on campus (ALL 74 faculty and staff members are eligible to receive this honor).

Gallery Walk

September 21-25, 2015

Deesclation Training- Required Training

Cheryl Travis and Kris Kelly will be on campus October 8, 2015 to support our staff with questions/concerns and great advice to problem solve situations on our campus.

Give me an O (O). Give me an A (A). Give me a P (P)...

Thank you to our judges for taking time out of your schedule on Friday to assist with our POM Squad auditions. It is my understanding history was made on Friday with forming of the squad. Please enjoy the attached video created by the judges! We are looking forward to seeing the team spread school spirit at OAP!

Sponsors: Ashley Burwell, Jennifer Kerry, Stacy Maynard and Tanya Lane

TED Talk Education

Review Cafeteria Expectations This Week

Food for thought-

What are your classroom expectations in conjunction with our building wide expectations? How are your students modeling being kind, being respectful and being responsible?

Are your classroom expectations higher or lower than the grade level? Than the building?

Classroom Expectations will need to be submitted by 9/30/15, this should provide plenty of time to tweak management, routines, rituals and/or procedures within the team and/or classroom.

Two Weeks at a Glance

This week: 9/28-10/2

NEF Appeal and BOY DRA Window Opens

Mon. Sept. 28th- KDG task window opens (hearing and recording sounds, task 4 and letter sounds); BOY writing assessments entered by October 9th; ILT meeting at 3:15 p.m. in the library

Tues. Sept. 29th- Texas Motor Speedway Trip; KDG Science PLC at District; 3rd grade ELA/SS PLC at District; 4th grade Math PLC at District (Jeans Permitted and TMS Shirt)

Wed. Sept. 30th- Entrance Safety Conference (if you received an invite from Missy, please complete the document received via email); 5th grade ELA/SS PLC at District; 2nd grade Science PLC at District; 1st grade Math PLC at District. (Jeans earned for the campus due to attendance taken by all within the window last week).

Thurs. Oct. 1st- RTI during PLC's; Staff Meeting at 3:15 p.m. in the library (1st Vertical meeting and team building).

Fri. Oct. 2nd- SBBB's due by 4:00 p.m. today; End of 1st 6 weeks; What new management or instructional strategy did you try this week? Tweet it out at #oapelem tag @JofeeTremain and/or tag @PetersonElem

Next Week: 10/5-10/9

KDG Task Window #CelebrateMonday

Mon. Oct. 5- ILT meeting 3:15 p.m. in the library

Tues. Oct. 6- Operations/Safety Meeting (POC: Hutson) 3:15 p.m. in the library

Wed. Oct. 7- 4th grade Writing Calibration; Mentee Meeting in room 504 (Anderson- POC: La Fara); Dr. Thornell visiting our campus

Thurs. Oct. 8- Staff Meeting at 3:15 p.m. in the library

Fri. Oct. 9- Early Release Day; OAP Pep Rally (POM Squad Debutes); Parent Conferences; SBBB's due to Admin today; What new management or instructional strategy did you try this week? Tweet it out at #oapelem tag @JofeeTremain and/or tag @PetersonElem

Future Events:

NEF Grants due in October

October 10-Tehama Ridge Carnival-Volunteers needed from our campus (PTA will help. Staff Members available would be a great community piece for us. Please email me if you are able to stop by and represent OAP).

October 13 and October 15- Campus late nights until 6:15 p.m. (required attendance of certified staff).

October 23- OAP Peterson Fall Festival- this is an another opportunity for us to build community with our parents and 5 neighborhoods which empty into Peterson.

Coming Soon

Tremain's Educational Blog, twitter chat and today's meet featuring the book Deliberate Optimism. All three methods will be used to generate a dialogue regarding how to remain optimistic in the midst of it all.

Are we in sync with one another? Keep Practicing, Performance will be on October 1st.

Personal Days

I will keep you up to date when we have reached a maximum number.

Weekly Reminder: Professional Expectations (District/Campus)


Huge thanks to those of you who contact me prior to making arrangements to be absent. This allows the office and I an opportunity to find the appropriate supervision for students. There are protocols we must follow when coverage is needed for a classroom or for duty. If you are going to be late to work, late from a meeting or late for duty, please contact administration to ensure students are supervised.

Prior to scheduling appointments and/or making personal plans off campus, please check your school calendar to ensure you are not scheduling a personal appointment and/or planning a personal event on the day of a district/campus meeting and/or event needing your attendance. If this cannot be avoided, please contact me.

Take attendance at 9:30 a.m.

Turn in accurate lunch count by 8:30 a.m.

Actively monitoring students at all times.

As always, update your Websites. Create substitute plans. Make sure your sub understands they are following your schedule which includes implementing 504s/IEPs/BIPs and covering your duty. In addition, please make sure your substitute understands how to contact the office in case of an emergency.

Don't forget to contact Nurse Bode if you plan to take a field trip. In addition, do not forget to contact her prior to the field trip to set up the medication bag.

It is important to leave sub plans with instructions that can be implemented with ease.