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Valentine Love from the Bat Cave!

Hello everyone and welcome to February break.

I hope you all are keeping warm today (and tomorrow!). It's been two weeks worth of kindergartening since I've last written - I totally was not planning on having a snow day last Friday!! So like always, you'll find some of the learning that has gone on. We have also taken our winter benchmark assessments, so I've also included some of the activities you could do at home with your kiddo.

Kindergarten went over recess expectations once again this week. Please make sure your kiddo has all necessary winter gear: snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, etc. If kiddos do not have boots and snow pants, they are expected to stay on the tar - which isn't the most fun. Thank you for your attention to this!


Feb 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 15th-19th - NO SCHOOL - Winter Vacation

Feb 24th - 100th Day of School

Feb 26th - Winter Carnival

Mar 11th - Trimester Two Ends

Mar 13th - SPRING AHEAD - Daylight Savings Begins

Mar 16th - Early Release

Mar 22nd - Spring Picture Day

Crazy 8's is Coming!

This Crazy 8s Club is open to all Memorial School families and gives kids the opportunity to enjoy math with others! Please see the flyer (located in the Tote folder on the Memorial website) for sign up information and dates.

February is Dental Month! Thanks to the grant from the Maine School Oral Health Program, the MSAD 15 elementary schools have access to dental screenings and fluoride varnish treatments twice a school year. If your student has not been signed up for this treatment and you would like him/her to participate in the spring Fluoride Varnish session, please contact the Health Office for a permission form. ALSO...To celebrate Dental Month, free toothbrushes will be distributed to each student! Happy brushing!!!

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing week off from school!



If your kiddo is out on a Thursday or if your tote goes missing, please know via our school website you can access each Thursday's tote and the information provided by the office. See above link!


I realized that I never included the below videos when we were learning about penguins and I had some not so happy kiddos. The kiddos have really enjoyed these movement songs. We've used the Five Little Penguins song as an intro to adding and subtracting (but the kiddos don't know that yet!) After vacation, we will begin working on addition and what that entire operation means and looks like.
Penguin Song - Penguin Dance - Brain Breaks - Kids Songs by The Learning Station
Five Little Penguins | Nursery Rhyme And Kids Songs

Winter Benchmarks and YOU at Home

Winter Benchmarks have been done through the CPAA and overall, I'm really happy with our classroom results. During our parent teacher conference (in March...stay tuned for sign ups!) you and I will go over your child's successes, areas to improve upon, and targeted instructional activities that can be done at home. In the meantime, take a peek at some of the suggested activities that you can do now!

LISTENING COMPREHENSION: Recall Fact/Detail Activity: Before reading a story at bedtime, read the title, and then go through the entire book silently-just showing the pictures (this is what we call a picture walk). After the first page, ask your kiddo what he/she thinks the story will be about and who he/she thinks the main characters are. As you flip the pages, ask your kiddo how they think the plot is developing, what's happening in each new page. Is there some sort of problem? When you are finished going through the pictures-then go back and read the story to find out what happens. You could then have a discussion about what actually happened that was different from what he/she thought would happen.

PHONICS: Letter ID Activity: Place cards of the alphabet in order to form a wide circle. Cards can be placed out of order to make the activity more difficult. Have your kiddo each stand in front of one letter. Instruct him/her to march around the letters as long as music is playing. When the music stops,our kiddo should stop in front of one letter. Have your kiddo read the letter. As a variation, you can ask your kiddo to name the sound of the letter in front of which they are standing or come up with a word that begins with that letter sound.

READING: Sight Words Activity: Create a deck of cards of sight words, with two copies of each word. Review rules of "Go Fish." Play "Go Fish" by attempting to make pairs with the sight words which will require their recognizing the words on the cards in their hands, asking their partners for the words, and their partners looking at their own cards to find the words requested. Please find our kindergarten sight words below.

NUMERACY: Subtilizing Activity: You can practice this skill as you play Roll & Color! Using a single die, have your kiddo roll it and state the value shown. To add interest, challenge your kiddo to complete as many rolls as possible in one minute. When this becomes easy, you can use a second die.

PATTERNS/FUNCTIONS: Shape Patterns Activity: Have your kiddo string beads or pasta and describe their pattern in ordinal terms. For example, they might make every tenth bead a different type or every other bead a different color. Ask questions such as "What comes after the third bead?" "What comes before the fifth bead?"

The Literacy Lowdown

A big focus during our literacy block has been segmenting and blending CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, such as cat, mop, and pig. By the end of the year, a kindergartener should be able to hear or see a CVC word, tap out each sound, and then blend the sounds together to make the word. When kiddos are able to consistently perform this skill, digraphs (sh, th, and ch) will be added into the mix.

Over the last two weeks we have also been working on new sight words: at, my, play, and go. Kiddos have worked on these words during their word work station, as well as with me in sight word readers. These new books have been added to individual book boxes. Mrs. Skilling has also been apart of our literacy chunk. She has been helping out at our writing station. Kiddos have been creating their own sight word books with her. Sentence writing (capital at the beginning, lowercase throughout, period at the end) has been our goal at the writing station.

Technology during Literacy

Our literacy chunk is now including both laptops and iPads - both for different purposes. On iPads, kiddos are using our QR app to listen to winter stories. There is then a comprehension activity that follows. You will see Cooper below working hard at the listening to read station.

On laptops (for now) kiddos are using StarFall to practice reading or to play phonics games. After vacation, I will be introducing a brand new website called RaZKids. This will be a site that can be utilized at school AND at home. I will be sending home the information in Thursday's tote, so keep your eyes peeled!!

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2D/3D Shapes in the Bat Cave

We have finished up study on shapes. Some kiddos may still be working on their shapes after vacation (and that's ok!), but as a class our focus will be shifting to addition. The 2D shapes that your kiddo is responsible for knowing include: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, hexagon, oval, and rhombus. The 3D shapes include: cube, cone, sphere, pyramid, and rectangular prism.

If you haven't accessed SplashMath at home yet, I highly encourage it over vacation. The website is Your kiddos login information is first initial and last name (ex: lmontgomery) and everyone's password is math. Kiddos know once they are logged in they need to click on the start button at the top.

Friendship Celebration

We had a great time this week getting ready for our friendship celebration. We read lots of friendship and Valentine stories throughout the week. We made our own valentine pockets, which each kiddo had to lace up themselves (a great exercise for fine motor skills - I highly recommend this for at home!) Kiddos then got to decorate their pocket, which was then hung at their table spots (with great care). Friendship love was delivered (if your kiddo was not at school yesterday, feel free to have your kiddo bring their valentines after vacation and they can still share their love).

We then played a couple of friendship games. The first was Find a Friend BINGO. I would read a clue from the game board and kiddos would need to find a friend who matched that clue (ex. a friend whose favorite food is pizza or a friend who LOVES scary movies) I was really impressed with everyone's interactions and questioning skills. We played several rounds and then kiddos wanted to learn about the other game, which was Roll and Color. Kiddos were partnered up, given a game board, and a die. Partners took turns rolling the die. Whatever number was rolled that kiddo would color in the same number of hearts on his/her board. The other partner would then do the same thing. The object of the game is to color in all of your hearts first. (This would be a great at home game too - I attached the game board file below).

If it's going to snow....

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.....I guess I need to embrace it and bust out some art! We didn't have a chance to add our writing to the project yet, but these fancy portraits sure made me smile despite the snow on the ground outside.

Outdoor Classroom

This week, Mrs. Letiecq taught us a bit about gravity, which wouldn't you know, a lot of our superheroes already knew a little something something about!? We explored how gravity affects us, different objects (balls, tissues, frisbees, rubber chickens - yes, I said rubber chickens, and handkerchiefs). Kiddos predicted, or hypothesized, what each object would do when dropped: fall straight down or flutter. Mrs. Letiecq then asked kiddos to find an object that would flutter or fall straight down.

We played Gravity Tag, which when tagged, we had to shout out "WHAT GOES UP, MUST COME DOWN" in order to be 'untagged'. We are looking forward to our next lesson!

Snack Duties (week after vacation)


TUESDAY - Carson



FRIDAY - Serenity