The Pyramids

The Pyramids in Eygpt


Have you ever thought of seeing pyramids? You should come to Egypt, they have magnificent pyramids for you to view! It's a beautiful and fasinating sight!

What does the Building of the Pyramids tell us about Egyptian Society?

The building of the pyramids tell us that the Egyptian Society worshipped the pharaohs greatly because they aligned the pyramids to point up to the gods so that the pharaohs can contact the gods.

Why did the Egyptians want the Pyramids to be Spectacular?

The Egyptians wanted the pyramids to be spectacular because it demonstrated a pharaohs importance. They believed pharaohs were a link to the gods and controlled everyone's afterlife.

Description of a Pyramid

Pyramids are giant sandstone structures. A pyramid today has a square base with four triangular sides. Deep inside the pyramids lay mummified pharaohs in chambers.

What do they Look Like?

Pyramids are a 3D, triangular, sandstone structure. The pyramids are covered in polished limestone resembling brilliant light forms dropped into the desert from the sky.

Are they All the Same?

All pyramids are not the same. They come in different sizes. Each block that they used weighs as much as an elephant!