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V Parker 3

about me

i love my animals to death my favorite color is the neon color green and pink my favorite holiday is christmas and my bithday im very hyper easy to get along with i belive in magic and unicorns dont judge lol :) i never give up on anything try my best

my purpose for this writting portfolio

my purpose for this writting portfoilo is to help me write better in the future and become a sucussesful student in the classroom and to make learning fun

6 word memoir

daring to different being me

sun/shadow sentence

katie is like the dolphin because she is graceful

inwardly katie is like the bunny because she is sweet

And the award go to perseusive essay

favorite quote/ response

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends.” ~ J.K. Rowling your friend will not judge for who you are and if they do then they are not your true friends enimies i never around so u can say what ever you want


Mass killings -- four or more killed in one incident --

happen across the U.S Since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings in the United States.Mass Killings Happen About Every Two Weeks While only about 1% of all murders nationally, mass killings still happen frequently. The FBI counted 172 cases of mass killings between 2006 and 2011. That does not include some large states such as Florida, for example. Poor reporting by police agencies to the FBI also means some mass killings were left out, while others that don’t meet the standard were included so many things have trigger different people such as Breakups, family arguments ,holidays , loss, or even losing their job ABOUT 57% OF VICTIMS KNEW THEIR KILLER, EVEN IF THEY WEREN'T THE TARGET 1 in 4 victims were close family members -- children, siblings, spouses, etc. nearly three out of four guns that were involved were handguns because the typically the closest weapon stats say ABOUT ONE-THIRD OF MASS KILLERS DON'T LEAVE THE SCENE ALIVE Many mass killers do not face legal actions. About a quarter commit suicide after the crime, and others are killed by police. Still more are deemed incompetent due to mental illness. others wait for trial they most mass killing happen were there is a lot of safety net failed

Source: USA TODAY reporting and analysis by Paul Overberg, Meghan Hoyer, Mark Hannan, Jodi Upton, Barbie Hansen and Erin Durkin; copy editing by Jim Cheng


bio peom

Antigone bio poem

strong loyalty stubborn brave

i am the daughter of Oedipus and queen Jocasta

loves her brothers and sister who feels powerful

who needs her family who gives strength

who fears the unknown

residence of thebes

school Uniforms Essay

have you ever felt like were in a prison