Middle Earth is in Brazil

The region is in South America

Brazils Landscape, Language, and Culture

Brazil landscape is actually Very amazing because has many nice rivers. It has one really big river which is called the Amazon River. Did you know that most people in Brazil speak Portuguese. Did you know that Brazils culture is very diverse.Brazils culture is very unique and it is very complex.


I think that south America would be a perfect example of the middle Earth because it has many hills like it described in the hobbit.The amazon river is like the enchanted river in the hobbit because it is really swampy, and creepy there.

Counter Claim

I think that my region is the best because in other regions they might have a river, or a mountain. The land that they chose might not actually look like middle earth would look like. that is why i chose Brazil because it actually looks like what Middle Earth should look like.


I chose south america to be Middle Earth I knew that this was the right place right when I thought of it because it has the land features that Middle Earth would have. It has the rivers, hills, and the valleys that Middle Earth would have. Just because a region has a mountain, and a river that does not make the region perfect to be Middle Earth. That is why I think that my region is the best fitted for Middle Earth.


Brazil is an amazing place to go to when you just want a vacation , and you have time off work. it is like paradise, there are rivers, forest, and many hills. it would be a fun place for you and your family to go for vacation.