Students earn Brownie Points, we get S'mores - Calorie Free!


Marlena Booker sends a shout out to Iesha Clarke because she "got out of her bed on a Saturday morning to come support the 9th grade volleyball team at an away tournament!"

Kristina Hesson sends a shout out to Darryl Colley, William Owens, Brad Palmer, Leandra Love and EVERYONE WHO OFFERED FANS because she was basically cooking (for real) last week when the A/C went out in her section of the building.

Tracey Fisher sends special thanks to Marlena Booker "for promoting the Benevolent Bears Bank (BBB) on the Friday announcements!"

Claymore gives special shout out to TONY, FLOYD and DEBRA for always being available, present, in the building and willing to do just about anything for any teacher.

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Calling all active MV BEARS!

It was suggested that we all pitch in to make a physical Calendar/Info Board in the Atrium for the students, so that they know when and where to get involved. Right now, much of what we do depends on whether teachers read emails - and then remember to share info with students - or if students take the initiative to check the school website or calendar. Let's collaborate to get them in the know - and participating at events!

Please make a "How to Input info" suggestion in the comments below...

Volunteer your club or org or class to help make this a reality by offering to sign up for a month of Bulletin Board duty.

United Way Campaign!

Thanks to Brittnay Schuster for serving as an United Way Representative! The following teachers are now eligible to win one of 4 - $50 gift cards in appreciation of their generosity and service to the GCPS community sponsored by Junior Cabinet.

Math: Veronica Cross

LA: Hillary Lowe, Emily Stewart, Elaine Gouge, Kevin Schneider, Tracey Fisher

FL: Oscar Carvallo, Claymore, Laura Droms

Sci: Dianne Akin, Lorraine Ivey

SS: Shiloh Arp

Sped Ed: Betty Boatwright, Daniel Jenkins, Donald Zona, Kristin Murphy, Shelly Watson

Arts: William Owens

Remember, this can be done as a pre-tax deduction on ABOUT ME through the GCPS Portal. $5 a month can make a difference...what if you teach a homeless student?

RELAY NEWS - CHILI COOK-OFF - Deco-pumpkin sale all at TRUNK OR TREAT

Art students will be selling decorative pumpkins at Trunk or Treat and just for faculty the week before Halloween. Check them out (in mailroom) - they are super cool!

RELAY for Life is hosting a 50/50 Raffle and a Memorial Balloon Release at the Pink-Out game on Oct 14 when we will beat Collins Hill (for the first time!). Bring some cash and help a worthy cause - and maybe you'll win half the jackpot!

Do you have a CHILI recipe that is to die for? Does your club, organization, or sport want to compete in the annual CHILI COOK-OFF? Please sign up to make a huge crock pot of CHILI for the CHILI COOK-OFF! Same night as MV's Trunk or Treat - Thurs, Oct 27.


Share this news with all friends and family in the MV Cluster and at MVAA.

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