mirela pjetrovic

do they have high tech electronics in china?

China has a lot of amazing technologies. one electronic in china is that it looks like a pen but when you open it has a graphical screen! they have some great technologies there. they ship some technologies to the U.S. that's why everything in the U.S almost all of there clothing,electronics etc.... say " made from the U.S."

famous people in china

No one really knows who is china's most famous celebrities are but there really a band they play a bunch of hit songs and go on tour. they have been to Korea bajing and some other places! when they first became famous no one really liked them because they thought that they dressed ugly and didn't sing good. later that year they sang this one song called happy ones and everyone just started over obsessing with them!

united states and china

Everyone knows that everything in china gets shipped to the U.S. and you see a lot of things saying "made from the U.S." in the united states. its because people in china work a lot and are really smart its amazing what electronics they make. the USA is smart to they work a lot to. i have been to NASA before and they are building a machine robot so you could say china and the us are smart!