Magic Messages

News and Notes from Mr. Ortman and Mrs. Carter


If you happen to wander into the art room around the 30th of the month you won’t see markers or clay, instead you will see white table cloths, paintings of the New York City skyline and one special class of students wearing purple carnations. It’s the Mill Creek Café.

Each day during lunch, the students of Mill Creek are encouraged to eat neatly, talk quietly, and stay seated. Each class receives a score of 1, 2, or 3 for their efforts. Every month the scores are totaled and a winning class is announced. We thank the Mill Creek Home and School Association for their support of this enjoyable event.

In September, Mr. Hartigan’s second grade class received this honor. A luncheon of salad, stuffed shells, and ice cream was served to these smiling children by Mr. Ortman, Mrs. Carter, and several kind and helpful parents. The children left with lots of positive memories and souvenier buttons. According to William, “it was awesome because it really made me think I was in New York City.” Andre thought it was “fancy”.

Which class will be next? We will have to wait and see…

3rd Grade Butterflies!!!

Butterflies Released

In early October, tiny plastic cups filled with caterpillars were tucked in corners of our third grade classrooms. Every day our students were checking the caterpillars' progress as they studied life cycles in science. Last week, it was time for the great butterfly release!