The Dracula Times

by Saba Baig and Brianie Clarke

Religious Elements in Dracula

One of the main practices in the Catholic faith is holy communion which is completely inverted for Dracula’s purposes. Catholics are taught to believe spiritual after life is granted once one drinks the blood of Jesus Christ. This is changed to fit Dracula’s needs because he drinks the blood of human beings to elongate and rejuvenate his physical life. This in turn is a contradiction made between Christianity on a whole and Dracula’s sole purpose. Christians generally believe that flesh plays a temporary role in comparison to eternal spirit, so Dracula’s yearn for flesh is based on a completely different concept which is to live as long as possible through blood sucking.

All About Intimacy

Sexual explicitness is especially prevalent throughout various chapters in Dracula because in the time period in which this novel was written, writing about intercourse was definitely not okay. So that Stoker could include this subject, he reinvented the idea of intercourse and suggests these sexual ideas through the predacious acts of vampires. Some parts of the novel directly reflect actions leading up to a sexual encounter such as Dracula waiting to be invited into his victim’s room. He then bites his victim causing them to bleed which is the beginning of their transformation from a pure, innocent lady into a woman who has a wicked lust for men. This is exactly what happens to Lucy. She is transformed into a sexual predator whose sole purpose is to destroy men with her sexual appeal.

Is Mina the Perfect Women?

In Dracula the author either shows women as sexual beings or shows them as pure. We see how this is true with different characters in the novel. Like Mina is truly an ideal woman in Dracula. It is shown repeatedly how Mina is loyal like when Johnathon was trapped in Dracula's castle Mina was worried for him and even stayed loyal to him for all these months when he disappeared. She even shows her intelligence when she work with Jonathan and the others. Mina is in many ways the heroine of the novel, embodying purity, innocence, and Christian faith. In a traditional sense she's the perfect wife.

What happened to Lucy Westenra?

Lucy Westenra was a great best friend to Mina Harker and a loving fiancé to Arthur Holmwood. She was a beautiful and kind women. She died of mysterious causes initially. Unfortunately she was one of the first of Dracula's victims. Lucy becomes a vampire, which compromises her purity and virtue. It was rumored that it was her that hunted the children at night. Determined to let Lucy rest in peace Van Helsing’s crew hunts down the demon she has become and kills her following the vampire killing rituals. Her soul was finally free. Rest in peace Lucy Westenra.
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