6th Grade

By Miriam Needles


Homework Quizlets

The expectations of this is to have all of them in by Friday. If the majority of your class doesn't turn them in she might turn it into turning them in everyday. Also the qizlets are vocabulary tools you use to help you memorize them to help you on the test on Fridays. Something I find that helps me to complete them is doing them every day. It helps me get them done as well as helping to finish them. Another way that can help is downloading the glossary and reviewing them while doing your quizlets.

Article of the Week

An expectation she has of you is to finish the questions. Also she expects you to take notes and highlight. She wants you to use RUNNERS strategy as well. Something that helps me complete them is going through and taking notes and then going back through and highlighting. I usually look at the questions as I'm reading to find the answers in the text. Also she expects you to make a prediction statement as well.

Worldly Wise

She wants you to do these in text. They are assigned mondays and due the next monday. She wants you to do at least one of the parts a day. She expects you to finish the reading comprehension in the packet as well. Just a waring: she will cut your grade in half if you don't do the comprehension. Something that helps me finish them is having the glossary instead of the words at the top of the packet. I recommend not stressing on this it will only slow you down.


She loves to read novels with you and the nooks are amazing. She assigns assignments with the novels as well. She gives you time in class to read the assigned novel. We get about a novel a quarter. She expects you to read and not goof off while it's time that you read. Also she wants you to enjoys the book when your reading it and not stress about the assignments. If you read and really try on the assignments than you will be fine. She doesn't read the novel out loud in class. She usually assigns you partners or your table to read out loud with each other.

Reading Logs

She expects you to do this every week because she gives you more than enough time to complete them at home. Advice I can give you is to find a book you like to do it on. You have to read it's important that you do so. Also she assigns them every monday and they are due the following monday. Remember that you need to do your best on these. Sometimes the thing she wants you to write about may be hard but you need to try your best. Somethings that help me complete them is doing one section a day.



She assigns it every monday and it's due Friday. They are in packets. She expects you to finish the desired pages and turn it into the basket. You have to do these ones on paper. The packets are just review packets. In the beginning of the year she will hand out the packets. I like to find certain days to do the homework and do it and get it done. Also doing it with a friend can help as well(as long as your not goofing off!)


There will most likely always be a center that will require you to work with your table. If you are shy you might have to learn to be a little more open with your classmates to do these centers. Remember it's always okay to ask for help. There will also most likely be task cards in the centers. You can go out of order as long as you put the answers on the right number. You also have to show work for the task cards. Also we most likely will have Versa Tiles. These are easy so don't worry. The only thing I can say about it is don't cheat off the check picture.


In ten marks you have to complete 10 questions and you have to show your work. She grades you on your work as well as your grade. You can ask for hints in here as well. Don't be afraid to use hints. There is also a video in there as well. She expects you to write down the grade you got on the assignment on your paper. In tenmarks you can go back over the ones you got wrong and try to get it correct. You can only do that once. In IXL you have to complete 15 problems. you have to mark weather you got it right or wrong. If you got a question wrong she would like you to write why you got it wrong. In this program it tells you why you got it wrong as well. The grade on the side of it doesn't matter. What matters to her is that you understand what its asking and that you show your work. In buzz math you have to complete a number of questions and get them right so you can get a star. A star shows that you completed the assignment. You can get reward for completing a certain number of stars. She expects you to do these on a whiteboard. These are also very easy. At times they can be confusing but don't be afraid to ask for help or open the example.


When doing your Gateway project you have to do research and take notes. Also you have to create a digital project and a physical project. You also have to make an outline and a report paper. You have to do your best on this because it will be quite a big portion of your grade. Remember to really try and put effort into this because the effort will be worth it. Pick a topic that you want to learn about or you like.


Some responsibilities that you have in 6th grade is getting papers signed and getting to school on time. You have to be a big kid now and face the music. There are no excuses for not turning in a signed paper. If you can remember to put your pants on in the morning than you can remember to get a paper signed. You have the responsibility of turning in your classwork and homework. You have to be the grownup now. You are your own person and you are honored with being able to be trusted. You have to be trusted to turn you work in as well.


You should be the best you can be in terms of behavior. You can't have all the drama you want because you have to focus on school. The teachers expect you to stay focused in class. You have to try to be quiet in class because it will be worth it with your good grades. Your behavior is what will stay with the teachers. You want to make you monument good when your in 6th grade. The teachers will tell storied and you want to make your story a good one.

Remember you are the person you want to be and you need to do your best to achieve what you want. Just keep at it and it will get easier, let the light shine! Do your best in school and remember to have fun while your at it!