Pride and Prejudice

poem number 1

Money is not LOVE

love. love. love. love. should not be hard i wish i could just be with you. i wish i could grow old with you. i wish my kids looked just like you. but no. no. use won't let it be you. she cares for money she care about being rich but only you know that i only care about you. they say i am crazy. they say i am different. they say i am being difficult. but i say loving you is the easiest thing to do. my sisters are crying, my sisters don't understand why they just laugh and think its funny.i want to make my dad happy. i want to make my dad proud but no no mommy just wants me to want the money. i don't understand why everyone want just let me be. let me be please so i can grow up and be happy in love and just forget about the money.