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We are learning all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s powerful influence on American society. We are reading picture books and articles that speak about MLK’s personal life, education, occupations, roadblocks, and accomplishments. The children have started their nonfiction “coding” of these texts to prepare them for their own biography research for the Wax Museum. We are also continuing to practice our PSSA reading skills, such as always going back to the story to find answers and using process of elimination.

Please remember to check and sign your child reading records each Thursday night and have meaningful discussions with them about their book!


We have been learning all about growth mindset and having perseverance and grit! We created Goal Notebooks with an academic, emotional, hobby, and social SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, & timely) that we will revisit frequently. Make sure to ask your child what their specific goals are and how they will attain them!

We read inspiring growth mindset stories by Eric Drachman; Leo the Lightning Bug, Ellison the Elephant, & A FROG thing. Each story outlines how the animal needs to practice, practice, practice to achieve his/her goal. They also face many obstacles along the journey. The children are now ready to write, edit, and publish their own animal mindset stories!


We are in the midst of Unit 5, learning all about place value up to the millions. The children were also introduced to decimals, the tenths and hundredths place! We had a lot of fun practicing our “ths” sounds!

Science/Social Studies:

We have started our Social Studies unit, Immigration. We are learning the pros and cons of immigration and reading about real world examples of immigration, past and present. We launched the unit with the powerful picture book, The Memory Coat, a powerful story about a Russian boy’s experiences of trying to immigrate to the United States and the hardships he faced at Ellis Island.

Talent Show


Rance Arkell:


Maddy Cunningham:

Tinfoil Sculptures

Grace Sutterlin:

Piece of Writing


Patrick Ianiro:

K-nex Show

Ali Schlueter:

Piano Performance

Cade Clausen & James Sexton:

Joke Routine

Ava Ripp:

Hula Hoop Routine

Claire Parker:

Singing Performance

Emma Ward:

Singing Performance

Quiz Me Questions!

· What are your academic, emotional, hobby, and social SMART goals?

· What is your growth mindset character’s name and what is the problem in your story?

· What does immigration mean and what is a real world example?

Forces & Motion Virtual Field Trip

The children thoroughly enjoyed our virtual field trip. We connected to Andy Campbell, from the North Central Ohio Educational Center. He provide an engaging & interactive lesson on the power of forces and motion in our everyday lives.