Busy Bee Leader Board

See the Good. See the Need. See the Whole. See the Possible.

I meant to share this at the luncheon yesterday, but totally forgot. Thank you for all you have done this year!! Have a wonderful summer break!

Finishing the "P is for Pirate" book by Dave and Shelley Burgess...

V is for Velcro

Mneumonics and scaffolds and hooks, oh my!

Great teachers possess treasure chests stocked with strategies and ideas to make sure learning sticks. Students need to engage with content in meaningful ways, so put handles on your material to make it easy for them to pick up!

W is for Warrior

Educators are popular targets for the arrows of the ignorant and the rocks of regressive reformers. Suit up with the armor of authenticity and the protection of a powerful purpose, and enter in battle with the courage to fight the good fight. Our students are worth it!

X is NOT for Xerox

What's unique about you---your strengths, your talents, your voice---makes you powerful and effective with students. Great collaboration is about making all of us better, not making us the same...to improve our practice, not to standardize it.

Commit to bringing more of yourself to work every day. Fight cookie-cutter practices and leave the cloning to science fiction.

Y is for Yodel

If we don't tell our story, someone else will. We need to shape the message, create the agenda, and do more to toot our own horns. Relentlessly pitch and promote the positive things that happen daily onour campuses. SHOUT it from the mountaintop.

Marketing, salesmanship, and the art of persuasion are all proper tools in our toolbox. We are all in the P.R. department for education, our classes, and our kids.

Z is for Zero

What we do is too important...zero excuses!

ZERO kids we can't reach.

ZERO lives that can't be touched.

ZERO obstacles that can't be overcome.

Lead, Learn and Teach like a Pirate!

Upcoming Dates

June 16: SIT Retreat

June 17: Marci at Principals Meeting

July 8: YR Back to School Staff Breakfast/Meeting--8:00 in Media Center

July 9: YR Back to School Night--4:30-6:00

July 13: YR 1st day of School

August 19: TR Back to School Staff Breakfast/Meeting--8:00 in Media Center

August 20: TR Back to School Night--4:30-6:00

August 21: Required Workday--District PD Day

August 24: TR Required Workday

August 25: TR 1st day of School