Chic Chicas

April News!

Celebrating March!!

Congratulations Chicas on an awesome March!! March can sometimes be a tough month because of Spring Break and the Easter holiday, but you girls didn't let that hold you back! Congratulations to our top sellers (lines 1 & 2):

Jessica Weiss $3,402
Tomalyn Young $1,580
Jessica Lloyd $1,174
Ebony Ariyan $948
Lori Brown $808

Lashaun Stannard $728

Andrea Connacher $646

Chelsea Stanley $611

Each of you will receive a stack of Summer Mini Look Books! Way to go!

Who's Ready for some FREE Summer Product!

Welcome to our newest Chic Chica - Shannon!

Shannon Wong started her business just a few days ago. She is already very driven and motivated! She is an ambitious actress and musician and I know that even with a full plate she will be able to accomplish her dreams with Stella & Dot! I'm very happy to have her with us! Congratulations Shannon!!!