This Week in Online Learning.....

Assignments for the Week March 4-8

English 1 and English 2

1A: Do the essay for "The Sniper." Then go back to Module 1: Do "Before Reading," Vocab, and Selection Quiz for "The Most Dangerous Game." Then, do the movie assignment. While you are watching the movie, write down the differences between the story and movie.

1B: Module 4: Elements of Nonfiction; Nonfiction Text guide; Preposition Quizzes and mastery test

2A: Week 2: Meet the Author; Vocab and Selection Quiz for "Searching for Summer"/ Before Reading, Vocab, Reading Skill and Selection Quiz for "Possibility of Evil"

2B: Week 2: 2 videos and Montgomery Bus Boycott video quiz; Before You Read, vocab, Selection Quiz for "Montgomery Boycott"


Some of you are REALLY behind!

The nine weeks will be here REALLY SOON!!!

English 3 and English 4

3A: In Week 3: Watch the pilgrim videos and take the quiz. Do "Before You Read" vocabulary and selection quiz for "Of Plymouth Plantation."

3B: IF YOU DIDN'T TURN IN A COPY OF YOUR RESEARCH PAPER FROM LAST SEMESTER, THEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM, AS I HAVE ASKED FOR IT REPEATEDLY. I need to read over it, edit it and give it back to you to have you make those corrections. Once those corrections are made, you can upload it in the final submission assignment located in Week 6 of your course. IF YOU DID NOT DO A RESEARCH PAPER, WE HAVE A REAL PROBLEM, BECAUSE YOU MUST HAVE ONE TO GRADUATE.

4A: Go to Week 1: Literary Analysis for Beowulf/ In Week 2: Meet the Author, Literary Analysis for the Exeter poems.

Get moving! You will not have extra time to finish your course!

Again, if you have questions, you need to ask them. If you need a test unlocked, tell someone so that you can move on and get this all done!