Huffman Elementary News

September 14, 2020

The Huffman Commitment

We will work with every student, staff member, and family to develop and maintain a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning community. We are committed to continuously improving our professional practices and take responsibility for the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student. We believe all people can grow in a positive direction.

Principal's Note

Dear Huffman Families,

I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weekend. Fall is in the air. Please take a moment to review the news items below.

For this week's Family Feedback Survey, I've included a question about the possibility of students returning to the building during the second quarter. You may have heard our Superintendent discussing this possibility. Although a final decision has not been made and things could change as ASD weighs the current data and Risk Level Decision Criteria, we are beginning to review all of the necessary safety procedures and logistics and we will be prepared if and when students return to the building. Even though this is not a building level decision, I would appreciate hearing your perspective and questions.

Knowing families and people have strong and varying opinions on the topic, Huffman will work diligently to communicate proactively, transparently, and accurately. If you have questions or wonderings, please call or email. Please know I will be measured and intentional with my communication. If you hear or wonder about something shared in the community or on social media, I encourage you to check in with me directly. Misinformation spreads quickly. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to track it down.

What I can guarantee is this; what we know today will be different in one week and what we know in one week will be different in one month. I know this makes planning ahead difficult for families and that changes in schedules are disruptive. Huffman will work hard to plan proactively, communicate accurately, and handle unexpected twists with grace.

All the best, Chris

Chris Opitz, principal

Are you on the list to Pickup Library Books this week?

Please check the list HERE. If you see your student's name (alpha by first name) on the list, you made the deadline and are scheduled for a pick up this Thursday. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to RETURN library books if you are done with them. If you do NOT see your student's name on the list, you are NOT scheduled for a pick up this week. Please email Mrs. Schroeder with any questions.

If you want to order books for next week, be sure to visit Mrs. Schroeder's Library Link on your student's Clever page.

Library Pick Up / Drop Off: Thursday, 9/17, from 4-6pm.

How are we doing?

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