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Smoking in a way will kill us and if we keep doing it these are some of the effects that can happen. Lets start with the head and how it can effect you, Dull, foul smelling hair, hair loss, loss of hearing, glue ear, eye irritation, cataracts, blindness, loss of sense of smell. Now the heart, Narrowed arteries, thickened blood, aortic aneurysm, angina and heart attack. Smokers are more than twice as likely to die from coronary heart disease as non-smokers. Brain, “Narrowed arteries supplying the brain with oxygen rich blood means an increased risk of stroke, resulting in possible paralysis and loss of speech. Reduced supply of oxygen to the brain can also result in headaches, mood changes and panic attacks”. Stomach ulcers, cancers of stomach, kidneys, pancreas and the bladder. Circulation,”Smoking damages the blood vessels in the legs and arms, aiding the athesclerosis process. This is the narrowing and hardening of arteries which can lead to peripheral vascular disease, gangrene of limbs, cold hands and feet, cold skin, decreased fitness and sometimes even amputation of the limbs”. Skin, Slow healing skin wounds, premature ageing and wrinkling, reduced oxygen supply to skin resulting in a grey, parched appearance, cellulite resulting from excess toxins in body, tobacco-stained fingers. And those are some of the things that happen if you somke.

Action Plan

If you keep smoking you will

  • die

  • loose voice

  • lung cancer

  • loose eye sight

  • difficulty breathing

If you stop smoking you will be

  • Healthy

  • live longer

  • breath

  • wont die

  • see better


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