Prudhomme 1C Newsletter

October Edition

Thank You, Parents!

I would like to thank the parents of 1C for bringing wonderful dishes and desserts for our 1C potluck! The students loved the kind gesture and ATE ALL OF THE FOOD!

1C Students, Kayla, and I appreciate all you do!

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Kayla Vs. Leroy Cheese Dip Cook-Off

Kayla and I wanted to do something special for our students. So we decided to challenge each other to a cheese dip cook off! Our 1C residents were the judges.

The winner of the competition is....... Leroy James!

" I like your cheese dip the best, (stops and looks at Kayla's face) but Kayla's was better." Corey King

" Is it time for seconds? I like both." David Canada

October 12th- Progress Reports and Grades are availiable

Students official grades will be posted on Powerschool October 12th.
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Programs for October

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Congrats on your accomplishments:

Matthew Bailey for starting the cooking club!

Tomas Parker for starting the Minecraft club!

Garren Mitchell, Brock Kappel, and Corey King are having a great year playing football for St. Mary's!

Azum Beg for his math award!

Grant Libby for his history award!

Leroy Mwaghore, Jacob Wade, and Kenny Driggers on their basketball victory last Tuesday!

Joshua Ballagh and Blake Phelps for their clean room...which is perfect every week!

Kabir Shah for studying hard everyday in efforts of reaching his goals!

And to all my 1C students for being the best!

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Contact Information

Leroy & Kayla James

SLA Prudhomme 1C

Room 118/ Office 121

Office- 318-357-2588

Cell- 903-701-7439