The Human Voice

By: Ibrahim Jama

The Human Voice

The human Voice consists of sound made by a human being using the vocal folds for talking, singing,laughing, crying or screaming.

Every time we speak, our voice reveals our gender, age, geographic background, level of education, native birth, emotional state, and our relationship with the person spoken to. All these clues (and many more) are contained in even small fragments of speech, and other people can "read" our voices with remarkable accuracy.

Using Speech In Nonverbal Way

Ironically, nonverbal communication can also be found in speech. Its called paralanguage and includes vocal elements, such as voice quality, pace, pitch, volume, rhythm, and intonation. Differences in paralanguage can impact the message that is communicated through words. For example, if someone smiles while saying "Get out of town," that person likely is communicating that she doubts something you're saying or finds it unbelievable. Alternatively, if someone comes running at you and screams "Get out of town! " with a furious expression, it might be a literal threat. Paralanguage is a good example of nonverbal communication that is not visual.