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Peyton Rous's Life Changing Discovery

Discovery of Penicillin

On September 28, 1928 Alexander didn't plan to discover penicillin. Before leaving is laboratory he had stacked all his cultures of staphylococci on his bench. Once he had returned he had noticed that one of his cultures was contaminated with fungus and the colonies surrounding it were destroyed where other colonies that were further away were normal.He showed his assistant the contaminated culture and his assistant said " thats how you discovered lysozyme."He called it "mould juice" for awhile but then released it as penicillin on March 7, 1929. Penicillin is a vaccine that kills many viruses, it was also used after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to treat the wombs.

3 Events that happened that time.

3 Events.

1: First US Air- Conditioned office building opens in San Antonio.

2: 2nd Winter Olympics opens in St Moritz, Switzerland

3: St Francis Dam fails killing 600 People.