Welcome to 6A

Ms. Markey's Grade 6 LASS Classroom

Differentiated Instruction

My Teaching is shaped by the theory of Differentiated Instruction, this theory tells us that every student is different, no two are alike and they all learn in different ways. Each student has different abilities, interests and learning needs. My teaching is constructed to support all learners, providing them with different opportunities to demonstrate what they know and understand.

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My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in helping my students have a positive educational experience. Every child is unique and learns in different ways, their uniqueness is what makes them amazing. To foster this uniqueness I provide choice in as many tasks as possible and hands-on learning opportunities. I take an active role in their learning and can often be found working alongside my students. When you look in my classroom you will find a community of learners working hard and having fun.

Learning Environment

Our classroom is bright, open, welcoming and safe. There are areas in the classroom for students to work in groups or individually. All of our classroom tables are easily moved and reconfigured allowing for a flexible, changing learning environment. There are regular classroom chairs, yoga balls, and a silent reading area with couches and a carpet. We have a small classroom Library, where students can borrow a book and read. We are very fortunate to have access to technology right in our classroom, with an interactive whiteboard, several Chromebooks and iPads. Our classroom environment encourages co-operation, collaboration and creativity.


Homework for my students includes reading, whenever possible, and reviewing what was taught in class to consolidate learning.

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Using Ontario Curriculum expectations I provide learning goals for my students and success criteria that they expected to use to guide and inform their learning. I provide meaningful, descriptive feedback to my students and conference with them regularly to ensure that they are using the feedback to help them achieve their learning goals and improve their learning. My students are also expected to engage in both peer and self-assessment, encouraging to discover not only ‘how’ they learn, but to set goals to help improve their learning.

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I strongly encourage open communication between Teachers, Parents and Students. We will be using ‘Google Classroom’ as a means of classroom communication. On ‘Google Classroom’ you will be able to find out what your child is working on in class and if there is any additional homework or assignments that they need to complete. All assignments will be posted and students can hand-in assignments electronically using this platform. You are always welcome to contact me at the school via a phone call or to set up a meeting.

Role of the Teacher

It is my role to provide a rich, rewarding and unique learning experience for your child. I will plan, instruct, assess, facilitate and guide your child’s learning. I will collaborate and communicate with you, the Parent, to ensure your child’s success.

Role of the Parent

Parents are the first ‘teacher’ in a child’s life and will never stop being a teacher for their child. Your role is to model learning for your child, read with them, ask questions about what they are doing and what they are interested in. Listen to your child. Help them practice what they are learning at school. Keep communication open with me, their teacher, and together we will ensure their success.

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Classroom Management

We are a community of respect. In the first few days of the school year the class will be asked to brainstorm all of the expectations that they have for themselves and their classmates. These expectations will be categorized and narrowed down to the following four expectations: Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Learning and Respect the School. Every member of the classroom community, including myself, will be asked to following these four expectations throughout the year.

I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year, teaching and learning alongside you and your child.

See you in September,

Ms. A Markey