I will survive:D

I will survive

1. Find a suitable place to build. Generally, the best place to build a shelter is in a "fringe", an area between an open field and dense underbrush. Having water nearby is important, however the shelter should be built no less than 50 yards away or the water vapour can carry body heat away.Search for an object to brace the shelter against. Long boulders or fallen trees can be ideal for bracing a shelter, but any large, immobile object can work. It is also possible to tie a long branch between two other branches braced in the ground, though this can be more difficult and slightly less sturdy. Some people prefer to brace a sturdy, forked branch in the ground and lay a longer branch over the top. There are many different possible ways to build a lean-to.Find sticks to lean against the horizontal brace. These sticks should be somewhat sturdy, as they will form a side of the shelter. Be sure that there is enough room between them and the brace for you to crawl inside comfortably.Pile small branches and twigs over the stout sticks. Leave only the two ends open. These sticks will form the other side of the lean-to shelter.Pile small debris such as leaves and moss over the shelter. This will provide further insulation and protection from the elements. Nearly any small forest debris will work, so long as they won't blow away readily.Dig a pit for a fire. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of the forest and anyone around, be sure to dig a small pit to contain the fire. Keep it a safe distance from any underbrush and your shelter. Clear away all debris that could catch fire.