Week Six - the end is here

ensuring you remain a lifelong learner

Teachers face unprecedented challenges on a daily basis. They are expected to ensure that every student is met at his or her point of need, participate in staff development opportunities, develop their school’s professional learning community, engage with parents, and plan high quality, effective lessons for students. How does a teacher juggle of all these responsibilities and stay fresh and inspired? This week, we examine ways in which schools can be a locus of continual learning and create an environment that emphasizes learning for students and staff. We will investigate the variety of partnerships and ways staff members engage and collaborate with one another. We will also dive into the research on teacher leadership, why it is critical to a teacher’s development, and how it provides opportunities for teachers to contribute to a vibrant school community. Lastly, we will explore shares strategies on how to use the inquiry process to improve teacher effectiveness and where to turn to stay updated on research-based practices and connect to other colleagues in the field.

How do you stay on top of you game as a teacher?

In this article...

A few tips are offered on how to stay on top of your game. These include stepping outside your comfort zone to improve as well as being honest about what is or is not working.

As you think about being a continual learner here are a few organizations to begin your search to constantly improve and grow professionally

Teacher Leadership

Without question teachers are the core of social change.

One of the biggest roles a teacher has is also to lead at the school site. Check out the video below to see what teacher leadership really is.