Technology in the Classroom

Fun and Easy Integration

Why We Need It

There is no denying the substantial need for technology in the classroom. In nearly every aspect of daily life technology plays a crucial role in how we navigate in the world, socialize with one another, and most importantly how we learn.

This simple newsletter will highlight some amazing websites and apps that will take student learning into an entirely new level.

Digital Citizenship

One of the biggest fears that many teachers have with bring technology into the classroom is digital citizenship. BrainPop is a fun interactive online platform that helps teachers teach digital citizenship. This is an important that students are reminded how to act and use the technology appropriately. Check out what brainPop has to offer


Smore the Online Newsletter

Smore is an easy to use platform that helps you create and design online flyers and newsletters. Smore allows users to reach a wider audience by developing an online presence.


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This fun interactive site adds a whole new element to writing. Large scale writing projects no longer seem so intimidating. By breaking stories down into small sectioned frames writing becomes more about the process than just finishing. The addition of pictures and other elements adds an entirely new aspect to writing.


Apps to Brag About

Global Read Aloud

What is the Global Read Aloud?
This is a great program to incorporate technology in literacy in the upper grades. This program is made to use one book to connect the world; and they use technology to do so. Each classroom is to pick a book that interests them, and they are told to read it over a six week period. During the six week period the students will have a chance to communicate and have a "book club" with students from around the world that are reading the same book. Types of technology that have been used to connect students and classrooms all across the world are Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, Wiki, Email, and so many mores. This really incorporates technology and literature into the classroom for the students. They get to experience reading, but it makes it more fun and gives it a more personal connection for the students. They will want to be more involved in the book knowing they get to use technology to discuss it; rather than just using the same methods in class. For more information check out this website


Social Media and Literacy

Biblionasium is a great resource to connect students to a world of reading. This free site is essentially social media for books. This virtual book shelf allows students to share and upload their favorite books. Teachers can connect to with students, provide book recommendations, or share book wishlist. One of the prime features of the site are the reading levels that help assure students are reading appropriate text.


Intro Lesson Using PowToon

The potential for this site is enormous. PowToon allows users to create animated videos and presentations that are great for introducing lessons, or developing mini lessons. When a lesson does not click for a student, it is up to the teacher to present that information in a new way. Powtoon allows teachers to engage students with a video that can be video in the classroom, or even more spectacular; at home.
Mystery Genre Intoduction