Environmental Changes

By Savannah Ruiz 3rd period 11/17/14

Drought in California


The drought in California has been growing for the past 3 years. Some experts say that it will take multiple years to recover from a drought. Groundwater that took several years to disappear will take several years to build back up.

What effects does drought have on the organisms living there?

People animals and plants all need water to survive, we need water to grow the food that we eat. We need water for rivers and if we don't then fish will die off because they need to be in water.

2 examples of ways organisms adapt to droughts in order to survive

The San Francisco garter snake adapts to drought by moving into the uplands during the summer because the pond dries out of water. They stay close to the water because they eat frogs. The California Newt adapts to drought by moving to a different place because they need water for breeding and they cant breed without water