6A2 Class 2016

Rocket Power!

Careers & Technology

Classroom Quiz and Test Activities

Careers 6 Grade

Careers and The 7 primary Areas of Technology:

Technology Cookout Project:

  • Phase1_Learning to Copy and Paste, Insert Pictures, Save, Retrieve
  • Phase2_Learn how to record upload file
  • Phase3_ Learn Animation, Slide Transition, Design
  • Insert Music (Complete Project)
  • Learn how to work as a system.
  • What is a system?
  • Learn some technical transferable skills (The project above)
  • Aviation/Transportation Technology:
Rocket Project

Photoshop Skills

Who am I and what can I become?

How do I get there?

A: What are job search techniques?

B: What is an application?

C: What is a Cover Letter?

D: What are graduation requirements?

E: Conduct an interview project (person of interest)


Every single assignment you turn in or save must have your class and name

Example: 7A1_Peter_Worksheet or 6B2_Cindy

Assignments and Due Dates