Cough and Cold Medicine

by Emily Zaltzman & Gianna Torromeo

How are they abused?

They're sold in liquid syrups, powder, and pill form. It contains DXM and can be bought without prescription. They're mixed with soda or alcohol, and they add flavor with hard candy.

How do they effect the brain?

One high dose of DXM could cause hallucinations and it could change how you feel about something.

What are other effects of cough and cold medicine?

Loss of coordination, numbness, sick to stomach, high blood pressure, faster heart beat, brain damage, slow heart rate, and slow breathing

Can you get addicted?

Yes, high doses and repeated use of cough and cold medicine can lead to addiction.

Can you die from use?

Yes, it slows down the nervous system, and when it's mixed with alcohol it slows or stops the heart and lungs

How many teens abuse this drug?

9.50 percent of teens per year use cough and cold medicine.

What should you do if someone needs help?

Call national Suicide Prevention Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.

What classification does the drug belong in?

The drugs are narctotics