Ernest Hemingway

By Dawn Shill

Weird Facts

1. He was given the electric shock therapy because he would always talk about how the FBI was watching him. Later they found out that they were actually watching him.

2. His wife lost a suitcase with all of his writing on it so he had to write it all from scratch.

3. His mother disproved of his first book and said he had too much talent.

4. He tried to steal a urinal from a bar.

5. His mom wanted another daughter so she would make him dress up and match his sister.

6. Orson Welles and Hemingway became great friends after a fist fight outside a theater.

7. He was involved in two pane crashes on about the same day,

8. People now hold a Hemingway look alike contest.

9. He wrote a short poem off of a bet he made in a bar.

10. He would use machine guns while fishing to shoot the sharks away.

11. He used his head to smash a stuck plane door open to escape.

12. He wanted to commit suicide by jumping from a plane but his wife said no and made him sit down.

13. He had four wives in his life with a few girlfriends on the side.

14. His mother first wanted him to be into music so she made him play the cello then wanted him to be a doctor but he refused.

15. His bad eyesight almost made him not pass military exam so he just became a Red Cross Medical Driver.

16. He was given a six toed cat. There are many sixth toed cats where it lived now and some call them Hemingway cats.

17. He made Welles do a Spanish documentary because he liked his voice.