SPED Update

Week of March 23rd

You have guts!! ;)

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To Do:

  • Give recommendations for Careers without College Event
  • Give recommendations for ESY Credit Retrieval
  • Give recommendations for Credit Retrieval Quinn Candidates
  • Update Senior info in doc
  • Complete SSOP's by 4/17
  • Complete Final predictions by 4/1

Final LRE Predictions in google Doc by April 1st

Please complete any updates to predictions by 4/1

  • Consider that we are giving students the necessary services, in the least restrictive environment. Looking specifically at upperclassman and challenging those students as necessary to "fly solo" more often if they will benefit from this.
  • Check to make sure errors were not made
  • Although there is a DS option, this option should be given only to students whom you feel as candidates for a "self contained" classroom, picture these kids going into the LD-9/10 classroom and consider if this is the least restrictive placement for them.

*When making changes please mark in red AND add date next to the change made (someone started doing this and I love it :)

**Hopefully some of our conversations will eliminate some of the work surrounding this

Careers without College Event

Please contact me if you have 11th or 12th grade students to recommend, PLEASE DO SO ASAP!!

-8-1:00 or 8:30-1:30

-Lunch will be provided to students and staff

-4 breakout sessions (25 minutes each)

Making Sure our Seniors are on Track to Graduate

While taking a look at students in danger of failing, don't forget to note these students info in the graduation document. Please continue to note change in status of any seniors in this doc:


Credit Retrieval

Do you have 11th graders who will enter 12th grade still having 11th grade status? Do you have students whom you feel will struggle greatly in their senior year and will not be able to graduate on time?

Credit Retrieval may be something to take a look at. Please email me all respective candidates ASAP.

ESY Credit Retrieval

Please continue to recommend and encourage students to be taking ESY Credit Retrieval for failed coursework. This keeps them from falling behind in their credits while receiving small group instruction with a specialized educator. You can email either myself or Melissa F. (First priority given to upperclassman)


SSOP's are to be completed for all Senior students on or before April 17th. Each SSOP should be given or mailed to parents along with a most recent IEP and recent evals. A copy of the SSOP should be sent to the Special Ed office as well. Attached is a blank copy in google docs.


Please note completing of SSOP's in the Senior document:


Love! -or- Works, Levels, Grades, Ranks, Ratings?