MSTC Weekly

March 15-19, 2021

Why Stories Matter So Much

Have you ever had a friend who could tell a great story? That person could go on and on and keep you hanging on every word. Can you imagine living in a place where books and reading were not allowed? Well, this article explores how storytelling can have a lasting dramatic affect on how your children view the world. Explore this article by Bill Jackson to find out more.

Do You Know What STOMP is?

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Specialized Training for Military Parents is an organization that offers NEW virtual workshops across multiple days, two-day in-person workshops and one-hour webinars throughout the U. S. and overseas for military families and military personnel of all branches of service. You can find these workshops and more information at parent centers across the United States. The parent center for Bexar County is: TEAM Project. You may contact them at: 1 (877) 832-8945.

Our Mission/Intent/Purpose

To provide information and resources so that military parents, individuals with disabilities and military personal access services. We hope as a result of the workshops to enhance the connections and knowledge of all attendees and foster collaborative environments to further enhance family and professional partnerships.

Why Attend A STOMP Workshop? You Will…

· Get information on your educational rights as a parent of a child with a disability

· Learn what services are available to you through your TRICARE, ECHO, ABA benefits

· Learn about your local and community resources

· Have the opportunity to share solutions, ideas, and connect with other parents and professionals

All STOMP instructors are military affiliated with EFMP family members!

STOMP workshops and webinars are open to all Military Service Members and Families (active duty, retirees, reserve, & DoD personnel)! They are free!

Register for any session in our STOMP Webinars Series

Center for Parent Information and Resources click on the link to see upcoming TEAM Events and workshops in your area.

Click the button ABOVE to watch a video about your students' rights.

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Headspace Guide To Meditation | Official Trailer | Netflix

Headspace Guide to Meditation: On Netflix

Netflix has a new show that's promising to not only teach what meditation is, but also shows you how you can use certain techniques for specific situations. Students at Lackland Elementary are already tuning in to "tune out" of stress.
Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

Another way to support students overall mental health and well being is to encourage mindful movement. Mrs. Dominguez, the elementary counselor, along with other staff members from Lackland ISD will be conducting mindfulness movement classes with the students. If you are a parent and are interested in learning more about mindfulness practices and yoga for yourself or your student, please reach out to Mrs. Dominguez or Mrs. Guyton at (210) 357-5054 and (210) 357-5180, respectively.

Mrs. Barrera Transitioning To Another Job

The words are hard to find to express how appreciative I am for the kindness and openness that I found at Lackland ISD. This is a great place for students to thrive. I would like to say a heart felt "thank you" to the students, parents, staff, and Lackland Community for embracing me through this period. I will miss the camaraderie and teamwork that I witnessed on a daily basis. I will be moving on to another school district in the area as a school counselor. Remember to give one another grace during this hectic time and always look up, and you will move in that direction.