Escape to a new life

By: Max Johnston

How to get to freedom

For a slave escaping from a large plantation or even a small farm is very difficult without a physically demanding journey ahead. It is a dream of all slaves to escape this Peculiar Institution. Like said before this task is difficuly and there must be a plan in order for a slave to get out of the Black Belt region and make it to the north.

1. Your first step is to get out of your cabin at night without making your overseer suspicious. Tell him you have to use the restroom or just be sneaky when leaving your cabin. If making it out at night wasn't hard enough the day would be impossible. Everyone is out and your chances of getting caught are much greater.

2. Once you get off the plantation find the north star (the brightest) and start running never look back because your master will do anything to find you. Other slave catchers get paid a lot of money so they will round up other Darkies to find you. If found they will bring you back to your farm and you will receive the most brutal floggings ever. You will wish you never even tried to escape.

3. In order to keep your sent hidden go in rivers and swamps and cover yourself in leaves. This way the dogs will be unable to find you. Always travel in the dark, hide and try to rest during the day.

4.While running north you find the Ohio river, you must cross this river and when you do that on the other side stationmasters will be waiting. You will be looking for a house in Ripley Ohio, look for a burning candle in the window. The house is owned by a man named John Rankin. This man will feed you good meals and house you, then he will get you set up with underground railroad. This organization will get you into Canada and to freedom.

5. Along the way stockholders will be in charge of you. You will act as a servant so there is less suspicion of you. Don't be afraid they will take you to all the places you need to go in order to complete your journey.

6. Once you make it to the north you will be transported by boat across Lake Erie. From there you are now in a free area and your life will be in your won hands. Slaves like Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey have tried slave revolts it always doesn't guarantee freedom. If you follow these instructions you will be a free man and not die a slave.

Go Down Moses

The Lord, by Moses, to Pharaoh said: Oh! let my people go.If not, I'll smite your first-born dead—Oh! let my people go.Oh! go down, Moses,Away down to Egypt's land,And tell King PharaohTo let my people go.