Wild Fire

Disappering Trees

Facts About Wild Fires

- wild fires are large, destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush

- Fire can be extremely dangerous, causing damage to property and causing humans and wild animals to lose their lives and homes. However, forest fires are a natural part of the life and death cycle of the natural world, and naturally occurring burns are a healthy part of a forest system's ability to sustain new life.

- most common in the U.S. West, where heat, drought, and frequent thunderstorms create perfect wildfire conditions. Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and California experience some of the worst conflagrations in the U.S. In California wildfires are often made worse by the hot, dry Santa Ana winds, which can carry a spark for miles


  • Bears, raccoons, birds ,Amphibians and other small creatures are some of the wildlife affected in this situation
  • Animals loose habitat
  • Wild fires do no effect league city because there aren't many forest
  • People are also effected because some times the fires travel and can destroy homes


  • I think that they should have sprinklers that comes on and water the forest every 3-5 hrs
California wildfires force thousands to flee homes