By: Nick and Jeffeny

What does ASIMO do

The robot can really do anything that a human does mostly if you are alone and don't have a sibling you can get a ASIMO and it will really just do whatever you want that you need people to do

The human functions ASIMO can perform

The human functions ASIMO can perform are play soccer with you, walk long distances and do a bunch of things that humans do. "I am going to buy this when it comes out" -Nick

Advantages and disadvantages of using ASIMO

A advantage is when someone is in a rush and they need to get something but they are doing something else ASIMO can help them. A Disadvantages is when ASIMO is running low on battery because you forgot to take the chip out and put it to change he walks very slow.

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The impact the robot has or could have

The impact that the robot can have is that its just like a human. witch means if all of your real friends are busy you and ASIMO can do a bunch of the same things together.
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The type of jobs/careers ASIMO can create to provide employment for people?

The types of jobs that ASIMO can create or make more jobs for people is being a waiter in a restaurant like buffalo wild wings or other places that they have waiters because ASIMO can put drinks on a tray and take them to a certain table or booth

Prediction and explanation about future ASIMO plans

We predict that in the future Honda the company that made ASIMO will make some adjustment in the legs to make it go faster so it can be like actual human. Another adjustment that I think Honda should make to ASIMO is that it should be able to do more activities not just to hold things and take them to places and to be able to kick a ball. We think it should be able to have feelings and talk in a conversation with someone not just yes or no

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Honda's Asimo: the penalty-taking, bar-tending robot


In the end we hope you enjoyed our presentation and hoped you learned a lot about ASIMO