Come learn about the force of gravity

Mass, Weight and gravity

How vast those orbs must be and how inconsiderable this earth the theater upon wich all our mighty designs all our navigations.I chose this topic because I wanted to learn about gravity but I already new about earths gravity so I expanded it to all the planets.

Do you know how weight and mass affect gravity. For example earth’s gravity is a little bit stronger than Venus’s gravity because Venus is smaller so it doesn’t have as much mass as earth.

Also If you weigh 150 pounds Earth you will weigh four thousand, one hundred, ninety pounds on the sun then you would weigh one hundred seventy pounds on Neptune. So in conclusion size does not affect gravity mass does.

The most interesting thing I learned was that a neatron star has stronger gravity and more mass than the sun. Something surprising me was that if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth you will weigh 7 pounds on Pluto. Something I would still like to learn is why Pluto's orbit crooked is.



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