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December 18, 2020

Holiday Edition

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DCES Holiday Story House

Some of our Desert Cove staff read holiday stories to share with the students over the break!

Holiday Story House

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Embrace the Different

Well, it’s been quite a year for us all...hang in there...2021 is coming! As we find ourselves in a season of family traditions that have been disrupted this year, it is easy to see what we don’t have and what we don’t get to do this year. What can we do to make this year special, when our traditions have been put away for the year? Instead of seeing this year as something that is happening to us, we can embrace the difference. We might not physically be with loved ones and do the same things the way we always do. But the holidays CAN be special if we decide to choose something different for this year. We get to choose. It will be different, but if we intentionally make it different, we are actually taking control and maybe we will feel a little less loss and greater joy. There are still good things around us, and many things to be thankful for!

We have been thinking about some things we could do that would be different this year. Many of the ideas are from our students! Attached is a list of activities and links to get you started...both activities that can be done at home and ideas when you need to get out of the house. A great place to start is to get the family together, acknowledge this year will be different, brainstorm a list of things that would be fun to do together, especially during times that will be different, like Christmas Eve/Day and New Years.

All of us at Desert Cove wish your family a restful and fun holiday break. In this season of distancing and masks, we all know more than ever the value of being together and seeing faces and smiles. We look forward to the time when we will be back together again. In the meantime, have a safe and happy holiday season. ~Ms. Denny

Stay at home activities with links.

Family movie night 50 best family movies to watch

Play a board game/ game night 14 Fun Indoor Family Games (No Board Necessary)

Make playdough

Make slime

Make glitter jars

Bake cookies together 23 Cookies To Bake With Your Kids

Take a bath

Make a fort with pillows and blankets

Read in the fort

Tell favorite or funny stories in the fort

Make a project together 50+ Quick & Easy Kids Crafts

Look for a recipe on the internet and make it 72 Best Kid-Friendly Dinners

play card games 40+ Great Card Games

Build houses out of playing cards/index cards

Take an on-line yoga or other class on-line 5 Best Kids Yoga Videos on Youtube

Drawing 100 Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas for Kids

Read a book together

Learn about Winter traditions and celebrations around the wrold Winter Celebrations

Get out of the house activities

Take a walk and 10 Ways to Make Walking with Kids Wonderful

Bike rides The Best Kid-Friendly Mountain Bike Trails in Phoenix

Take a drive to look at holiday lights 2020 Christmas lights: Where to see holiday lights in the valley

Go up north and play in the snow 5 Places to Play in the Snow Around Arizona

Go to the park/ discover a new park 12 Playgrounds Every Phoenix Kid Should Visit

Have a picnic 60 Kid-Friendly Picnic Food Ideas

Take a hike on a new trail Tops Tips for Walking and Hiking with kids

Visit an Arizona State park

Visit the zoo

Take a day trip101 Family Day Trips Around Phoenix

Take drive up north Roadtrip! 10 Arizona destinations for family fun

Go window shopping...if you could buy one thing, what would it be?

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