By Patrick Knudsen

Kitchen Fire Safety

How to prevent kitchen fires

  1. When cooking, stay in the kitchen and don't leave your pan on the stove when its hot.
  2. Don't loose clothing because it can be possible that they can catch on fire.
  3. Don't leave anything on the stove or counter that may catch on fire.
  4. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen at all times and make sure its not water based.
  5. Always change the batteries in the smoke detector.
  6. Make sure to not throw hot grease into a trash can because it may catch what ever is in the trash can on fire or it will melt the trash can.
  7. Make sure to have a fire escape plan.
  8. Be prepared for a fire at any time in the kitchen.
  9. If you yourself catches on fire, make sure to stop, drop, and roll.

first aid

If you catch on fire stop, drop, and roll.

If you get burned, don't touch it and make sure to go to the E.R.