Welcome To Minnesota!

The Richest Lands

Reason To come to Minnesota, And Information

Emigreation up the Mississippi River: Good farmland, and rivers, railroads and schools. Minnesota has a big population and It's becoming a state. Minnesota cure for the panic: No ague and fever, claims can be made by the rich and the poor. Minnesota and is resource guide book: If your smart or not you can still get a job, land that has not been monopolize, you don't need money, 20 million acres of land are open for settlement. Ho! For the West guide book: Minnesota has great fertility, an abundance amount of water, and great manufacturing.

What it's like to be in Minnesota!

Looks like New England. many new engine people. A beautiful place. Made don't have to work in fields. Wealth does not matter. Can make a good marriage. They can form their own religion. Good community. Vary large territory. : He does not regret coming to Minnesota. Escape all worry of coming here. It's a big deferent for people.

Reasons to Imagreat to Minnesota and Historical Facts

A picture of what Minnesota would look like: Minnesota is the richest lands you will ever see. Full of farmland, schools, factories, and much more! This area of land is the finest of many, great crop fields, schools, and factories. From The Investigation: This area full of factories, schools, and buildings. But also has lands to explore, witch are beautiful. Wealth does not matter in Minnesota! Rich or poor, you will get a home, and be able to send your child to school. I'm Minnesota you can form your own religion, no need to be worried when coming here. There is many New England people all over the place I am very happy about this result. You would be able to have a very good marriage. History of Miinesota: The first people to live here was the Dakota and Ojibwe. Welcoming to people in. In 1851 about 6000 people were here, by 1854 up to 30000 people were here, and in 1857, 150000 people were here. This area was a big place for the fur traders because it had been the place with a lot of beavers. Witch was used for fur hats. Fur hats were the most popular fur trade item/style for 50 years until silk hats came.