Copyright and Licenses


A copyright is a collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of work. Some of the rights that are in the copyright are to sell, copy, lease, lend.

Public Domain License

The public domain license is a type of copyright that isn't copyrighted. Either the copyright has expired, made with public money, or the item/program was donated. An example is Romeo and Juliet because its copyright has expired.


A copyright that allows the user to give away, or copy for free. An example is iTunes, Media Player, and Safari.


Shareware allows the user to download a program and use it only for a limited time, or the program is a unfinished version of the full version. An example is Minecraft: PE Lite, for mobile devices.

All Rights Reserved

All rights reserved is a type of copyright that only allows the buyer to use the program, but not alter it, sell it, etc. An example is Most video games, iWork.

Open Source

Open Source is a copyright is a software that includes the code, hoping that someone will improve the program. An example is Google Chrome.