Stargirl (Riley Longstreet)

Don't be somebody your not.


Stargirl- Stargirl is a teenage girl with alot dreams. She is a little wierd, funny, she has some freckles on her nose. She wears old fashioned clothing, and she is SUPER nice. She is willing to change herself for one lucky boy. Leo- Leo is in the same grade as Stargirl and he is shy. Right when he saw Stargirl, it was like love at first sight. Archie- Archie is a old man who lives by himself in a small town called Mica. He has a cactus named Senor Saguaro. He is a horder to bones, and very wise. He was the one who homeschooled her.

Favorite: The Talk

It is hard, I said. Say it, she said. Because nobody likes you, I said. Thats why. Nobody likes you. Nobody? She said. Her eyes covered me like the sky. Nobody?

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone. I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the stadium. I bolted from the truck. Kevin was at the gate, windmilling him arm: "hurry!" I threw the two dollars admission at the ticket window and we raced for the field. "See better up here," he said, yanking me into the stands.


This story is about how these teenage students become come friends. They would hang out, have fun. Leo even brought stargirl to the hot seat, but it went out of hand. But one day they become more than friends. Stargirl became in love with Leo and Leo became in love with stargirl. Stargirl chnaged herself for Leo. Leo was not satisfied with Stargirl. Stargirl was different, she did the wierdest stuff people could do. She had a rat, she played the ukalale for someones birthday. But she was the nicest person ever, so she changed herself for Leo.


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