Columbian Exchange

By: Kylie Cliburn

What is the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange was the exchange items from the new world and old world. The natives grew cocoa beans to make chocolate and the Europeans brought coffee to the Americas.

What is good and bad about the Columbian Exchange?

They were positive things about the Columbian exchange. What was good about the Columbian Exchange was that Europeans brought horses that helped the native Americans hunt and eat more meats such as pigs and cows. They brought iron tools to make work easier.The Native Americans traded new vegetables such as corn, beans, squash, tomatoes and potatoes that helped the people of the Old World increase their food supply. There were also some bad things about the Exchange. The sailors and settlers brought diseases like smallpox that killed many natives. The potatoes sent to the Old World developed a fungus that left many people hungry and starving. One bad effect with the Columbian Exchange is that the Portuguese brought slaves from Africia to do the hard labor on the plantations of the Americas that wanted more lands to grow crops to exchange. Many Cultures of the new world were killed off or changed and then many people of the old world had to immigrate for jobs, land and food.

Say no to the Columbian Exchange

You should say no more Columbian Exchange for them because the wealthy just get more wealthy, you get diseases from them and they make you work as slaves. This is cruel because when the wealthy just got more wealthier the slave hardly get nothing in return. It is also unfair because when you trade the Europeans just get more out of that because they give many diseases off with the things they give them fruit. It is also unfair that they make you work as your slaves they shouldn't make you be their slaves. That means that you should stop the trading back in the old world in new world.