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Using Databases: Diversifying Your Resources!

It's time to get our students excited about diversifying their research resources!

Survey of 400 Students:

** Did you know 90% of students began research Googling resources?

**Did you know that only 20% stated that they evaluate their resources?

**Did you know that less than 20% of students use databases and only 8% of the 20% were able to list a valid database. Many thought Google was a database rather than a search engine!

**Did you know that many of our former NHS students that come back to present their college experience to our students express their connection with using resources in the library and wished they spent more time in the library and used more resources?

Well, let's turn this all around by getting our students to broaden their research horizon with databases filled with wonderful and relevant resources!

Included in the Online Flyer:

**This online interactive flyer provides links to relevant science databases.

**There is a video expressing the benefits to using databases

**Library Catalog or OPAC list databases by subject area under the "home" tab: https://norwalkps.follettdestiny.com

Library Research Island: www.researchisland.pbworks.com-research portal created by Mrs. Payton-Roby that caters to the research needs of NHS staff and students.

**There is a survey that will assist Mrs. Payton-Roby with improving the use of library resources!!

Why Research Databases?

Bloom's Literary Database: Free Trial!

Expires April 8, 2016

This database showcases more than 20,000 critical essays, 500 literary journals, 2300 scholarly and critical books, 13,000 biographies, 45,000 character entries, 5,000 synopses of literary works and hundreds of videos and images!

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Student Resource Center

Find information on authors, poets, literary criticism, journalism, children literature and more on this wonderful ICONN resource!
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NHS Library Research Island Portal:

Library Catalog:

Contact Your Friendly Neighborhood Library Media Specialist!

Contact me for research or Technology Integration! Whatever Your Heart Desires We Can Make It Happen!

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