Material Safety and Data Sheet

By Xavier Blasingame


Symbol- X

Atomic Mass- 131.542

Discovered by- Mr. and Mrs. Blasingame in Houston, Texas

Occurrence- Rich deposits in Rhs Football team, hanging out and football Low deposits in golf and battlefield.

Physical Properties

  • Surface is black with black hair and brown eyes (sparkles sometimes when the light is right)
  • Steams when we lose a game or win someone is being bullied
  • Freezes up win on stage or put in the spot light.
  • can cause anger when someone hits a girl.
1. Happy when it is cold and snowing

2. frighted at high altitudes.

3. Frustrated when teachers scream at me

Chemical Properties

  • Is resist by hot warm days.
  • Is attracted to smart and mentally strong teammates and women
  • May blow up extemporaneously if someone was bulling another student or a male hitting a female non- playfully.
  • Would like a lot of football gear football tickets just playing football in general.
  • If its too quiet will make it a little bit more non-quiet
  • immune to name calling and hurtful things.