Admin Minute 9/4/15

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Projectors vs Big Screen Televisons...

Recently I have been doing some research into big screen TVs vs projectors. We have looked at initial costs, energy consumption, life expectancy, picture quality, and usability with expanding technology that requires HDMI.

With that said, I have a scenario for you. We will look at the overall comparison of a Epson Powerlite 97 Projector and a Sharp 55in LED SMART TV.

Of biggest note is the cost saving. If we were to purchase a Projector and TV today in 10 years the average total cost of the projector would be over $1400. The average total cost of the TV would be around $750 dollars.

This is not to say at all that a big screen TV is the way to go but I just wantted to put some facts and figures out to you to think about as we continue to make display choices in our schools.

Click the pic below for more information on the comparison.