Momentum Monday


Exercise together Eagles

In the short video clip below Mrs. Hall takes you through a workout. Complete the workout and fill out the form below to be entered to win a QT $25 gift card.

Videos will be sent weekly for more fitness inspiration!

Video - Week 3

Form - Week 3

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Fill Your Piggy Bank

We believe that the social and emotional wellness of students and teachers is more important than ever. The loss of human connection can take a drastic toll on our mental health. The feeling of isolation can wreak havoc on the psyche. Change is difficult for almost everyone, especially change that was not planned for or invited. But, the nature of human beings is to be resilient, community-minded and caring. As we move into the summer months and physical distancing continues, we want to help you to find ways to connect.

We like to think of it as filling an emotional piggy bank. Every time you do something to take care of yourself or others, find ways to connect, commit an act of kindness or show compassion to another human being you are putting a proverbial penny in your emotional bank. During difficult times we tend to draw from that account. But, it is important to continue depositing in the bank. Even the smallest moments of kindness and acts of love will build up the bank account.

(Source: Random Acts of Kindness)