Civil Lawsuits

How to get through them without a sweat!

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Hire a lawyer

So you are about to start your trial? Scared? Yes? Don't be. Your lawyer will be here to help you. Unless your a lawsuit expert, trust me, you will need a lawyer!

Plaintiff's lawyer files a complaint.

If you are the plaintiff, that means you are bringing a case against someone else in court. You are prepared to enter the long path to a trial in court.

Court sends the defendent a summons.

The defendant is sent a summons to let them know the charges filed against them and when to appear in court. If the defendant does not appear in court, there can be very serious charges put against him, like jail time.

Defendant responds to the charges.

The defendant files an answer to the complaint. The answer must address all the allegations in the summons. Sometimes the defendant is able to make a denial of the allegations in the summons.

Discovery Phase

This is the pretrial phase! A pretrial conference may happen at this time. This is a meeting with the parties before the case is brought to the court. Also, an important thing to remember at this time is mediation. Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties, with the help of another party. If this does not work, then the trial will continue. Also, arbitration is important to remember. This is the hearing and settling of the dispute by another person, or persons.

Plaintiff then the Defendent present their sides of the case in court.

This can be a very stressful time. Just remember these simple court terms. One is pleadings, which is the formal allegations by the parties of their respective claims and defenses. One of the most important things is preponderance of evidence. This is the plaintiff's proof of the claim.

Court issues a verdict.

After this, the losing party is able to appeal if wanted. This to try to get the case reviewed in a higher case. If this does not happen in your case, then the trial is over and you have made it through, hopefully winning!