Classroom Update

From Mrs. Fernandez & Ms. Murphy

Unit of Study

Dear Parents, September 27, 2016

The speech and language pathologists of the blended preschool would like to welcome you to the new school year. We have been busy but we are off to a great start! Rather than weekly themes this year, we will do study units. We have begun our second unit of study, which focuses on the concepts of buildings. We will explore the following questions in the next 5 weeks:

  • Exploring Topic (ET) What do we know about buildings? What do we want to find out? What do the buildings in our neighborhood and in other places look like? Who builds buildings? What tools do they use? What are buildings made of? What makes them strong? What happens inside buildings? What is special about it?

Puppets, Plays and Pretend

Act it Out!

This week we started the unit by reading the story of the Three Little Pigs. We talked about the materials the pigs used to build their houses. We focused on their ability to retell the story using some of the critical elements such as the characters (pigs/wolf) and action (blowing the house down) and the ending (wolf runs into the forest). For fun you can go to Youtube as see the original cartoon Disney symphony version and extra story, which are favorites. The Creative Curriculum storybook The Three Pigs by Bonnie Dobkin Illustrated by Subash Bajaj. These provide a great spring board for reenacting the story with puppets.

For a bluesy version with the text try this link.

Morning Assessment

Please help us teach/reinforce the following vocabulary. With our 3 turning 4 year olds (morning students) we did an informal assessment before we started the unit and we will do another post the unit. Here are the targeted vocabulary words. Please help us teach these:

Core Words & Positional Concepts-following/directions

  • One (numeracy)
  • Food (category In
  • Big (attribute) On
  • Animals (category) Under
  • He (pronoun) Next to
  • She (pronoun) Behind/in back
  • Drink (verb)
  • Eat (verb)
  • Little (attribute)
  • Blue (color / attribute)
  • 10 Words from Building Unit of Study (Building)
  • Hammer (tool) Skyscraper (specific noun)
  • Wood (attribute/noun) Brick (attribute/noun)
  • Square (shape) Rectangle (shape)
  • Tall (attributes) Short (attributes)
  • Construction worker (noun plus one who does something)
  • Dig (verb)