Rebel News

South Hagerstown High School

First day of school: Tuesday September 3, 2019

All bus routes will be posted in August on the window at SHHS and on the WCPS Transportations website at

Students will report to their sixth period at the start of each school day for attendance and breakfast.


Arrival and Dismissal

Front doors open at 8:35 am.

Car riders must be dropped off and picked up at the Main Lobby doors on the South Potomac side of the building.

On days with inclement or extreme weather, students will be allowed to enter the building prior to 8:35. Students will wait in the auditorium until the 8:35 bell rings.


All students will be productive citizens, capable of competing in a global society.


Message from the principal

Students and families:

It is with great pride that I write this message to you as the newly appointed principal of South Hagerstown High School. I served the Rebel community for four years as a teacher from 2007 to 2011 and consider SHHS my favorite teaching assignment over the ten years I spent in the classroom. I have spent the last eight years as an administrator at Williamsport High School, most recently as principal.

As you enjoy your summer and find time to relax with friends and families, we would also like you to prepare and plan for the upcoming school year. Over the next year, we want you to enjoy the time spent building relationships with staff and other students, the knowledge instilled in and outside of the classroom, and the higher order thinking skills you develop to apply during life after high school. Think about how you can make the most the upcoming school year. I encourage you to join an extracurricular activity, athletic team, musical group, or come to an event to support your fellow Rebels with cheers and applause.

Summer is a great time to start earning Student Service Learning (SSL) hours. Students need 75 SSL hours in order to graduate from high school. In addition, students need the following number of SSL hours in order to attend Homecoming on October 12:

· Freshmen 45

· Sophomores 45

· Juniors 60

· Seniors 75

We encourage you to utilize some of your time this summer volunteering in the community. Visit a non-profit agency like the Humane Society, a Retirement Home, or the YMCA to work on your hours. If you need a copy of the SSL form, you can find it digitally on the WCPS Student Service Learning web page or stop by our Counseling Center to pick up a paper copy.

With four weeks to go, students enrolled in AP Courses should be finishing their AP Summer assignments. If you need to obtain a copy, please visit the Main Office. Our school is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30 to 4:00 should you have any questions.

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation, and we look forward to seeing you refreshed for the new school year!


Dr. Heath T. Wilcox




New Visitor's Entrance

Over the summer, a new security entrance is being built at SHHS. It is located to the left of the Main Lobby entrance.

All parents, guardians, and other visitors must enter through the new security entrance during operating hours.

Students may enter through the Main Lobby Entrance from 8:35 to 9:00 AM. After 9:00 AM, students must enter through the new security entrance.


Our New Staff


Carmen Alvarez-Harden ............ Spanish

Rachel Baker .............................. English

Francesca Corrado .................... Science

Marci Galliker ............................. Special Education

Katrina Kenderdine .................... English/Reading

Lauren Merroth .......................... Social Studies

Kathryn Montesino ................... Math

Adriana Rodgers ....................... Spanish

Sara Sandeen ............................ Lead Teacher

Joseph Sturm ............................ English

Kimberly Toms .......................... Math


Dr. Heath Wilcox ........................ Principal

Sabrina McCoy .......................... Assistant Principal

Benjamin Copenhaver ............... Assistant Principal


New Cell Phone Policy

The Washington County Board of Education (WCBOE) approved revisions to Policy JICJ, “Use of Personally-Owned, Electronic Devices” at the July 16, 2019 Business Meeting. The policy outlines the appropriate times and circumstances under which students can use their personal technology devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. in school and during the school day.

The Board decided to re-examine Policy JICJ in light of Washington County Public Schools’ (WCPS) Digital Learning Plan, which provides iPads and Chromebooks to all students in 3rd through 12th grades for enriching classroom learning experiences. WCPS-owned devices provide all materials and resources necessary for instructional time, thereby eliminating the need for students to use their own technology.

Under the revised policy, personally-owned, electronic devices are to be kept out of sight and turned off during instructional time (class time). Teachers may no longer allow students to use personally-owned devices during class time.

Use of a personally-owned, electronic device may be granted by a supervising adult during lunch time and in between classes. In addition, such devices may be used in an emergency situation as determined by a supervising adult.

Due to confidentiality, privacy, and legal considerations, a student may not use a personally-owned, electronic device to take photographs or record audio or video in school, during the school day, or on a school bus. Personally-owned, electronic devices may be used on school buses as long as the use does not disrupt bus operations and safety.

These changes reflect the Board’s desire to prevent the use of personally-owned, electronic devices from disrupting the school day or being a distraction during instructional time when learning should be the focus.

Thank you in advance for adhering to this new policy.

Student Schedules

Thursday, Aug. 15th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Student schedules will be available on StudentVue and ParentVue.

Freshmen and New Student Orientation

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 8:30am-12:30pm

1101 South Potomac Street

Hagerstown, MD

We will run the regular bus routes for students. Link Crew students and staff will assist new students by providing valuable resources for transitioning to high school. Incoming freshman and new students are strongly encouraged to attend.

South vs. North Football Game

Saturday, Sep. 7th, 6pm

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue

Hagerstown, MD

Come out and cheer our Rebels to victory against the Hubs.

Meet the teacher night

Wednesday, Sep. 11th, 6-8pm

1101 South Potomac Street

Hagerstown, MD

Parents and Guardians are invited to hear a brief message from Principal Heath Wilcox and to visit teachers' classrooms.

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook will be available digitally as a Google Site. During the first week of school, we will be sending home a signature page for acknowledgement of your review of the policies, procedures, and expectations for students at SHHS.

The link to the handbook and the signature page will be available on our website on Monday August 26, 2019.



Coming this year at SHHS:

All students will be able to take their iPads home to access homework and resources either on or off line.

We will start the year the same way we did last year - students will pick-up and leave their iPads in their 6th period classes. At some point during the first marking period, students will be informed of when they can begin taking the iPads home.

It is recommended that students purchase iCoverage prior to taking iPads home. Click here for iCoverage information.



Stay on top of your student's grades and attendance by activating your ParentVue account TODAY.

ParentVue is an excellent way for you to keep informed and maintain contact with their teachers.

Please contact the Counseling Center at (301) 766-8374 for your activation key.


School Bus Transportation

School staff and school bus drivers are not authorized to accept notes from a parent for their child to ride a bus other than the one to which he or she has been assigned. Children will be required to ride the bus to which they have been assigned.

Should your child need to be picked up or dropped off consistently at a second stop or if you need to change your address due to a move, you can obtain a Transportation Location Change Form (TLC) from the school office or on the Transportation Department’s website.


Student Parking permits

The cost of a parking permit will be $25 (cash or checks payable to SHHS). A permit must be purchased if you are planning on driving to school. To register, students must bring their driver’s licenses and have both forms completed and signed by a parent. Forms may be obtained from the Assistant Principal’s Office.

NO permits will be sold the first week of school. A registration schedule will be announced and/or posted the first day of school. Previous school year’s attendance and membership in the National Honor Society will be considered.


Breakfast and Lunch Program

We offer free breakfast each morning. This year students can pick up their breakfast items in the school cafeteria or at the breakfast kiosk located on Main Street or B hallway. Students may eat in their Homerooms.

Please click here to access our monthly lunch menu. Regular lunch costs $2.60 and additional a la cart items are available for purchase.

In addition, WCPS has eliminated the paper application for free and reduced lunches. We ask that all parents go to the School Lunch App to apply for free and reduced lunches even if you feel you will not qualify.

Parents may also put money on their child’s meal account at


Health Office

If you become ill or injured at school, see a health staff person or administrator immediately.

To visit a health staff person or administrator, students must obtain a health office pass from their teachers.

Students are NOT allowed to carry prescription medication during the school day. Please follow the medication policy and procedures in the WCPS handbook.

Students leaving school due to illness must be excused by health office staff or an administrator. Students who do not follow this procedure will receive an unexcused slip from the attendance office.

Health Office phone number: 301-766-8375


After-school tutoring

SHHS offers an after-school tutoring program or Twilight Program. The purpose of this program is to provide academic support and additional instruction for students who are struggling. Teachers will be available Tuesday through Thursday each week. These tutoring sessions are offered to students free of charge. A bus is provided at 4:30 to transport students home.

Please click here to download and complete the Twilight Program form in order for your child to access the bus.


A message from the SHHS physical education department

The S.H.H.S. Physical Education Department would like to welcome all new and returning students! All students enrolled in a Physical Education course during the upcoming school year will need the following items:

  • P.E. I - (mostly Gr. 9)-Students will need to purchase a South High P.E. Shirt ($10 per shirt)
  • Upper Level Classes - Round neck South High T-shirt (no scoop necks, tank tops or cut-offs)
  • All P.E. Students - Athletic Shorts or Sweatpants (appropriate length, no zippers or buttons); South High P.E. shorts are available for purchase by any student ($10 per pair)
  • All P.E. Students - Sneakers that tie (no boots or slip on shoes)
  • A lock will be provided for all gym lockers

We want every student to be actively involved every day, so there are no “dress cuts.” Students are expected to dress and participate daily.

If the student has a current medical condition that will excuse them from class activities, please get a note from a doctor that explains what the student can and cannot do in Physical Education class. It is very helpful if the student has this note when school begins in August. If the student has asthma, a form needs to be filled out with the school nurse.

A course syllabus will come home on the first day of school for you to look over with your son or daughter. Please review with your student, sign and return. Points are given to students that return the signed syllabus.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of our staff.

Mr. Shank -

Mr. Lawrence-

Ms. Jeffries -

Ms. Cosner -


A message from the Athletic director

Welcome to Rebel Athletics!

As your Athletic Director, my expectations are for all teams to continue building on the established traditions at SHHS. We are very fortunate to have dedicated coaches leading our student athletes, as well as a strong network of support from our community, staff, alumni and parents.

Our fall season begins August 14th as teams participate in tryouts and practices. We are a member of the Central Maryland Conference, and our game schedules can be found online at

What does it mean to be a PROUD REBEL? As a student athlete, you must be responsible, accountable and respectful on the playing field as well as in the community.

What does it mean to be a FAN OF A PROUD REBEL? As the parent/spectator at athletic contests, it is important to support and encourage all athletes in a positive manner.

Online registration for 2019-2020 student athletes can be found at

I am looking forward to a successful and rewarding year with our student-athletes.

Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel!


Toby Peer


Dates to remember

Picture Day September 9

Homecoming Dance October 12

Senior Photos due November 26

to Yearbook Staff



Assistant Principals

Mr. Copenhaver, Grade 9

Ms. Keplinger, Secretary .................... (301) 766-8373

Mrs. Kane-Kirkpatrick, Grade 10

Mrs. Sparkman, Secretary ................. (301) 766-8372

Mr. Shirk, Grade 11

Ms. McCoy, Grade 12

Mrs. Collins, Secretary ...................... (301) 766-8473

Counselors ........................................ (301) 766-8374

Mrs. Silkey-Parker, Grade 9

Mrs. Franklin, Grade 10

Mr. Evitts, Grade 11

Ms. Starsnic, Grade 12