Sudan People's Liberation Army

Role in the Sudan

In the war torn region of Darfur the SLA has been defending the people who have been targets of Janjaweed attacks since their actions in north Darfur and this wish for freedom from the Arab government. General Omar Al-Tsim has been the leading authority in the SLA for many years in his war for freedom against the Arab ruled government. They are allied with the Zaghawa, Fur, Masalit as they started up the organization.

Rights and Success

They have been fighting to protect the people of Darfur's right to live by fighting the Janjaweed. In 2006 the SLA split into two main factions, Sudan Liberation Movement(Minnawi) and Sudan Liberation Movement(Al-Nur) because they were divided on the Darfur peace agreement. Despite all that the country of South Sudan was founded in 2011.