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Basic Facts

Population- About 9,780,780 people

Capital- Baku

Leader- Prime Minister Artur Rasizade and President Ilham Aliyev

Government Type- Presidential Republic

Language- When the Soviets controlled the country, the two official languages were Azeri and Russian. Azeri is the dominant language, the younger population speaks English. However, different culture groups across Azerbaijan have their own unique languages.

  • Azerbaijan's means "Land of Fire" in Persian

Sports And Entertainment


Most people work Monday through Friday, so leisure time is limited to weekends. People watch TV, talk on the phone, visit friends and go to movies. Women also enjoy soap operas. However, not all people can afford these things.

Most people get 21 vacation days per year. A popular vacation spot is the beach. Richer families get beach houses while poorer people may only spend the day there.

Some famous singers from Azerbaijan are: Muslim Magomayve, Emin Agalarov and Nigar Jamal. Famous actors and actresses include: Mirza Babavav, Fakhraddin Manafow, Leyla Badireyli and Nasbia Zeynalova.

The picture above is a photograph of a movie theater in Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan's national sport is wrestling. There is a long history here. Ancient tales say that wrestlers have strength against large animals like lions, bulls, and camels. The most popular sport here is soccer. Both men and women play but women don't usually play in stadiums.

The most popular sports are soccer, wrestling, boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting. There are lots of Olympic training centers around the country but wrestling, boxing and weightlifting are Azerbaijan's most successful sports.

Kids in Azerbaijan like to play sports, including basketball, volleyball, and soccer. These are provided in school but girls usually take dance classes instead. Recently, it has been harder for kids to play these as the land has been taken over for other things, like buildings and car parks.




People living in Urban areas wear western-style clothing, usually in dark colors like grey, black and brown. Working men wear classic suits and dress shoes, while young men usually wear jeans and t-shirts. Women take pride in their appearance. They always wear heels and fancy clothes. They never leave the house without makeup.


Men usually wear an traditional Papah-A High, which is a round lambskin hat. Women wear traditional and modest clothing. They wear long pleated skirts, a long sleeved blouse and a Charshab. A charshab is a light cloth hung around the head and shoulders. Some Muslim women wear an Islamic head cover but it is banned in secondary schools.


Education Systems

In Azerbaijan, school is required. They have primary, middle and secondary education. Kids begin school at 6 or 7 and they must continue until they are 16 or 17. Then they can either drop out or continue to get a diploma. After that, they can take a test to try out for a university. The students only study one subject at university. The literacy rate here is 99.8%! That's better than the United States!


School is generally very affordable. The students here pay fees for uniforms, textbooks and school repairs. More and more schools are being built and updated with new technology and textbooks. Schools in rural areas often don't have sewage or heating systems. Girls do not usually get as good of an education as boys do. This is because the people think education is unnecessary for girls as they usually stay home and do housework as an adult.


There are lots of holidays people celebrate. January is known as "Black January" because it is the national time of mourning. January 20th honors the victims of the Soviet invasion in 1990. Women's day is March 8th and independence day is October 18th. There are also many Muslim holidays celebrated here.


Azeris are proud of there food and their abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Azeris make very distinctive and traditional dishes. Common spices are: cilantro, dill, mint, saffron, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and pepper. During the Soviet era, potatoes and cabbage sometimes replaced rice as staples. Most Azeris drink alcohol, although Muslims try to avoid it. A common side dish is yogurt and minced garlic.



Most people live in cement paneled apartment blocks. These were built during soviet rule. Soviet era apartments were built fast and cheaply and are not well maintained. Elevators are often broken. Old apartments have high roofs and lots of space. Lots of people here want to have a new home so lots are being built. They decorate them elaborately to show wealth. The average apartment has a living room, a kitchen, 2-4 bedrooms and a balcony.


Most people live in freestanding cottage style brick houses with two stories, built two or three generations ago. The older houses have outdoor bathrooms and a traditional wood- burning stove. Washing machines, dishwashers and other kitchen applications are not common. Houses are decorated by the owner's style and wealth.



Family is the core of society. People put the family's needs before their own. Families used to be very large, but after the soviet era, most people generally have two kids. However, rural families are larger that urban families. Extended family don't live together but they usually build houses nearby. Children are raised by mothers and grandparents and single parents are very rare.

Parents and Children

Parents here feel a lifetime commitment to have kids. They support them financially even after marriage.

Children are expected to be well behaved and help out with chores around the house. Boys help with shopping and heavy lifting, while girls help around the home more. Boys look after their sisters and protect their physical and moral security. The oldest boy stays at home after marriage to be the leader of the house. Everyone stays at home until they are married. Curfews are put on girls before they can go to social outings or be out after dark.

Boys are very favored over girls. If a woman is having a baby, she might abort it if it is a girl. If a woman is pregnant with a boy, more care will be given to the woman while and after the baby is born. A child's 16th birthday is a large milestone and it is celebrated. Girls are considered adults when they are 16, while boys are considered adults when they are 18.

Gender Rolls

Men are the head of the house while woman do cooking and cleaning. They are only able to work in places society says is acceptable: medicine, education and social work. Some men and boys leave home to find work so the woman stays and takes care of livestock and family business.


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