Japanese Immigration

In Texas

Reasons to leave Japan

  • Constant wars with other countries caused huge debt.
  • Too little land for crops.
  • Overpopulation.

Reasons to come to Texas

  • Japan wanted more space to farm rice and sugar cane.
  • Recover gradually from debt.

Japanese culture

Significant Japanese Texans

Did You know?

  • During Japanese and American conflicts, Japanese immigrants and prisoners were placed in camps and any "suspicious" items were taken.
  • Rice farming in Texas started in 1853, before Japanese arrived.
  • Japanese people sometimes set up public gardens that they grew and maintain with their family.

Cultural effects

The Japanese Texans changed our culture in several ways. The Japanese brought us new crops to grow, and even made public gardens to find peace. Isamu Taniguchi made one of the more famous ones, the Austin retreat. It was built in Zilker Park as a gift to Austin, opened in 1969. The Japanese immigrants also gave us more advanced architecture after 1950 when the modernized.

Is Japanese immigration helpful to texas?

Yes, agriculturally. Lots more rice, sugar cane, and citrus fruit crops became of value. These created lots of money for Japan to recover from debt, and also helped Texas recover. After 1950, Japanese Texan population became urban opposed to rural and brought better architecture.


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